Making a payment

How do I make a payment using the app?

Choose ‘Pay & transfer’​

Tap ‘Pay & transfer’ on the navigation bar.​

Pick an account

Tap the account you want to use, then choose who you want to pay.​

Select who to pay

Tap on who you want to pay.

Type in an amount

Enter the amount, reference and date for the payment, then tap continue.

Check all is correct

Check the details are correct, then tap confirm to make the payment.


Success! You’ve made the payment and can pay them again anytime.

If you don’t have our app, why not download it to make a payment?

How do I make a payment using a desktop computer?

Choose ‘Payments & transfers’​

Click on 'Payments and Transfers' next to the relevant account. 

Pick an account

Click ‘Select account or recipient’.

Select who to pay

Choose who you want to pay.

Type in an amount

Enter the amount, reference and date for the payment, then click 'Continue'.

Check all is correct

Check details are correct, then click on ‘Make payment’.


Success! You’ve made the payment.

Sign in to make a payment

Making payments FAQs

  • Faster Payments usually arrive within 2 hours, but can take until the end of the next working day. Direct Debits and Standing Orders will be collected shortly after midnight on the due date.

    How much can I send?

    Faster payments

    Online: up to £25,000 per day*

    In branch: up to £250,000 per day with valid identification

    Telephone: up to £10,000 per day


    *Temporary increase during Covid-19


    At an ATM: up to £500 per day

    In branch: £2,500 - please order in advance for large amounts.

    If you need to move money, it’s safer to do it by Faster Payment or CHAPS.


    Online: no limits

    In branch: no limits

    Standing Orders

    Online: up to £25,000 per day

    In branch: up to £100,000 per day

    *Updates and new Standing Orders included


    In branch: no limits

    Pay a Contact

    In app: up to £300 per day

    We will always have lower limits when you call us.

  • With Faster Payments you can send up to £25,000* online, £250,000^ in branch or £10,000 by calling us every day.

    Your limit resets at 11:59pm each day.

    *If you have a Websaver or Express Cash account your limits may vary to the above. ^During Covid-19 Branch limit is temporarily increased to £250,000.

    Your payment limit amount includes bill payments, payments to individuals and new standing orders or any increases to existing Standing Orders and existing future payments.Any Payments you set up today for a future date are counted towards today’s daily limit. So if you set up a standing order for next week, it will count towards today's limit.

Please note: To use our Mobile Banking app you need to have a valid phone number registered to your account and be set up to manage your accounts using Online Banking. Our app is available to iPhone and Android users only and minimum operating systems apply, so check the App Store or Google Play for details. Device registration required. The app doesn’t work on jailbroken or rooted devices. Terms and conditions apply.

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