Why choose Halifax Home Insurance?

We are committed to giving extra to our customers. When it comes to home insurance, we make the process of applying, claiming and making changes as easy for you as possible.

Easy to contact

We have UK only call centres, which means all our claims advisers are based in the UK.

You can make a claim with us online or over the phone. If you call us, there are no forms to complete. All our claims specialists complete your claim for you over the phone to save you time and effort.

Help in an emergency

Rather than trying to find an electrician or plumber in the middle of the night, just ring the 24-hour Emergency Helpline number.

Arrangements will be made for a tradesperson to call at your home to repair any damage. You’ll need to pay for the repairs but if the damage is covered under your home insurance policy you can claim back in the normal way.

Service provided by Allianz Assistance.

Extra support when you need it

If your claim is particularly complex and we feel you need extra support, we can send a Personal Claims Consultant to help you face to face. They’ll make sure your claim runs as smoothly as possible.

Before your claim is settled, we can make emergency payments, supporting you when you need it most.

What you can get with our cover

Home Insurance Select offers you three levels of cover to choose from - Bronze, Silver or Gold. With each option you can choose to cover your things when they’re away from home, and cover any high value items you may have. You can also add Home Emergency cover to your policy.

Away from home cover. Away from home cover protects the things you have with you when you leave the house, like your phone, watch or bike. It includes cover for students' contents up to a maximum of £5,000. If you specify any high value items, you can also choose to cover these away from home. Optional on Bronze, Silver and Gold.

High value items. We need to know about things you own worth more than £2,000 each. This doesn't include home appliances or furniture that isn't antique. When you specify these on your policy, they're covered in your home as part of your overall contents limit. If you want to cover them away from home too, you can choose to do this for each item you list. That way if something gets lost or stolen when you're out and about, you can claim for it up to the amount you listed it for.

Accidental Damage cover. This covers you against accidental damage to your home and the things in it. So if a football smashes your window or a drink is spilt on your carpet, we'll pay to repair the damage or replace your things. Included with Silver and Gold.

Home Emergency cover. This protects you against emergency repairs which wouldn't normally be covered by your home insurance. There's a 24/7 helpline, so if your boiler breaks down or your power fails, you can get help fast. It pays for repairs up to £1,000 a time. And there's no excess to pay. Optional on Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 508KB) .


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10% cheaper when you get your quote and buy online. Read about our online price.


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