Protect your home whatever the weather

Extreme weather is far worse than the weather we expect. Now and then, instead of a few flakes of snow we get a snowstorm, or instead of winds we’re hit by a gale that brings down trees.

A brief downpour can be annoying – but when it rains for days our homes can end up flooded.

It may not happen often but extreme weather can do serious damage to our buildings, vehicles, roads and homes. We’ve put together some tips to help you protect your home should the worst happen.


More homes than ever are at threat of flooding. Our step by step guide tells you how you can prepare for a flood, and what to do if your home is flooded.


Stormy weather can take us all by surprise and cause havoc. Our guide talks you through how to reduce the risks a storm could bring.

Snow and ice

Snow and ice can look pretty but freezing temperatures can damage your home. Find out more about how to keep your home safe during a cold spell.

Useful links

There are lots of organisations that have useful information to help you deal with extreme weather. Don't forget to review your policy documents too.

UK weather warnings -from the Met Office.

Environment Agency for flood warning alert service and practical advice

Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) for what to do if your home is flooded.

Met Office advice on keeping your home safe in severe weather.

Find your local councils and get in touch with them for help.

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