Trading Tools

TradePlans can either help you make the most of share price movements, or protect you from a sharp fall. They are automated trading tools which carry out your request to buy or sell investments at a price which you set. Find out more about our TradePlans below.

What are the benefits of a TradePlan?

A TradePlan can help control the risk of investing and make the most of the rise and fall of the stock market, without having to keep a constant eye on share prices.

What type of TradePlans do you offer?

  • Limit Order - sets a price above which you will not buy, or below which you will not sell a stock.
  • Stop Loss* - sets a price to sell shares which is lower than the current price. Stop Losses are usually used to protect you from sharp falls in a share price.
  • Target Setting - a combination of a Limit Order to sell at a higher price than the current price, and a Stop Loss order to sell at a lower price than the current price. Target Setting can help you maximise profits when share prices rise and protect against losses when they fall.
  • Range Trading - specify the prices which you wish to buy and sell a particular stock. It's a combination of two Limit Orders, one to buy shares at a lower price than the current price, and one to sell them at a higher price.
  • Price Locking* - an in-built Stop Loss which automatically adjusts your stop price to lock in rises when shares climb to protect you from a sharp fall.

*Our Stop Loss and Price Locking facilities do not use a guaranteed stop loss. When the share price reaches your target price, your order will go into a queue to be actioned. This means that the price dealt may, on occasion, be either higher or lower than the trigger price.

Please note, if the price changes outside of your set criteria it either won’t stop selling (e.g. stop loss) or we won’t continue to buy if the price doesn't stay below your set buy price.

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How do I set up a TradePlan?

You can find our TradePlans within the ‘Dealing’ section of the website once you’re logged in. You can amend or cancel a TradePlan order at anytime before it expires.

Please note, TradePlan is only available on CREST eligible UK investments.

How much does a TradePlan cost?

Each TradePlan you set-up costs £2 and if a trade is executed then we’ll reduce the dealing commission on that trade by £2 per trade.

  • Example - if you place a TradePlan order online, you will pay £2 when the TradePlan is set-up and if the trade executes you will pay £7.50 dealing commission.

A charge of £2 will be made each time you amend the TradePlan. If your TradePlan expires before it has been executed then the £2 charge will not be refunded. You can cancel a TradePlan at any time without an additional charge.

Do you have a Stocks and Shares ISA or a SIPP?

If you set-up a TradePlan within our Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP then we’ll waive the £2 set-up fee. The usual dealing commission will still apply on any completed order.

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