Renew your easy access cash ISA

Things to know before renewing

If you've already got an easy access cash ISA with us, you can renew it into an ISA Saver Variable or an ISA Saver Fixed.

  • The renewal will happen straight away and the new interest rate will apply immediately.
  • You can’t renew your easy access cash ISA into a Help to Buy: ISA.
  • If you renew your Help to Buy: ISA into another ISA product you will not be able to claim the Government bonus.

Sign in to renew your account

If you currently have an easy access cash ISA, you can renew this by signing into Online Banking.

Simply choose the account you want to renew and select the Renew Account option.

Provide your instructions

If you don’t already use Online Banking you can choose to register, then provide your instructions straight away.

Alternatively, you can contact us in branch or by telephone. Please visit our Contact Us page for further details.

Your options if you have a fixed cash ISA

If there's 28 days or less left of your fixed term, see your fixed cash ISA maturity options.

If your fixed cash ISA has already matured and you didn’t choose a maturity option, it would have changed to an easy access cash ISA. You can now renew this account into a different easy access cash ISA, or an ISA Saver Fixed.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may change.