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What is a TradePlan?

A TradePlan will place orders on the stock market automatically; this will only happen when an investment reaches the share price that you set it to either buy and/or sell at.

What are the benefits of a TradePlan?

A TradePlan can help you take control of risk and make the most of the rise and fall of the stock market, without having to keep a constant eye on share prices.

What type of TradePlans do you offer?

  • Limit Order - sets a price above which you will not buy, or below which you will not sell a stock.
  • Stop Loss* - sets a price to sell shares which is lower than the current price. Stop Losses are usually used to protect you from sharp falls in a share price.
  • Target Setting - a combination of a Limit Order to sell at a higher price than the current price, and a Stop Loss order to sell at a lower price than the current price. Target Setting can help you maximise profits when share prices rise and protect against losses when they fall.
  • Range Trading - specify the prices which you wish to buy and sell a particular stock. It's a combination of two Limit Orders, one to buy shares at a lower price than the current price, and one to sell them at a higher price.
  • Price Locking* - an intuitive Stop Loss which automatically adjusts your stop price to lock in rises when shares climb to protect you from a sharp fall.

*Our Stop Loss and Price Locking facilities do not use a guaranteed stop loss. When the share price reaches your target price, your order will go into a queue to be actioned. This means that the price dealt may, on occasion, be either higher or lower than the trigger price.

How do I set up a TradePlan?

You can find our TradePlans within the ‘Dealing’ section of the website once you’re logged in. You can amend or cancel a TradePlan order at anytime before it expires.

Please note, TradePlan is only available on CREST eligible UK investments.

How much does a TradePlan cost?

Each TradePlan you set-up costs £2 and if a trade is executed then we’ll reduce the dealing commission on that trade by £2 per trade.

Example - if you place a TradePlan order online, you will pay £2 when the TradePlan is set-up and if the trade executes you will pay £10.50 dealing commission.

A charge of £2 will be made each time you amend the TradePlan. If your TradePlan expires before it has been executed then the £2 charge will not be refunded. You can cancel a TradePlan at any time without an additional charge.

Do you have a Stocks and Shares ISA or a SIPP?

If you set-up a TradePlan within our Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP then we’ll waive the £2 set-up fee. The usual dealing commission will still apply on any completed order.

Shares Centre is a stock market research tool where you can find share prices, fully interactive charts, analysis, company news and more.

What can I do on Share Centre?

  • Get share prices
  • Interact with market analysis tools
  • Read the latest stock market news
  • See the market's top risers and fallers
  • Check when dividends are paid
  • Read the latest company results

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Our Funds Centre could help find the right fund for you. Use simple and advanced filters to break down your search; compare funds against each other, and read the latest articles about funds.

What can I do on Funds Centre?

  • Filter through thousands of funds with ease
  • Read the latest articles about funds
  • Compare funds against each other
  • Find out the risk rating of funds
  • Understand what investments make up your fund

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We offer a range of educational content which can help you buy investments with confidence. Have a look at our Markets and Insights hub to gain an understanding on what is happening with companies, markets and economies.

What can I do on the Markets and Insights hub?

  • Check the latest headlines
  • See how world markets are performing
  • Read the latest market and company news
  • Find out the latest updates on world currencies
  • Review and interact with charts
  • Understand what's happening on the world’s economies

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