Bank safely

When you use your bank account you need to stay safe and secure. Learn how to spot a scam, what to do if you are contacted unexpectedly, and get advice on how to stay safe.

Our security systems

Real-time checks - As you bank online, we use extra security measures to make sure it’s really you and not a fraudster. If we spot anything odd, we may ask you to call our Fraud Team. All of this helps us to stop fraud and to keep you safe and secure.

Biometrics - We look at how you use your account online to make sure it’s really you using it and not a fraudster. This helps us to spot things that aren't normal.

State of the art - We use the very latest tech to protect you from hackers.

Bank name display - When you set up a new payment, we may display which bank you’re sending money to, like Barclays, HSBC, Tesco. This helps you to make sure a new payment goes to the right account.

Helpful hints - When you bank online, you’ll see messages before and after you sign in. These will give useful hints and tips on how to stay safe online.

Phone calls

We may give you an automated call to confirm an action like setting up a new payee.  The call will ask you to enter the four digit code you can see on your Online Banking screen.

If you are called by someone, not an automated call, and asked to enter a code, then it's a scam.

Halifax will never ask you to complete this call to secure or get money into your account.

We use your data as set out in our terms and conditions and by your data privacy rights. This protects you and your personal details.

Understand more about how we protect our customers from fraud, by reading our Banking Fraud Control Comparison Data factsheet (PDF, 354kb).

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Think you've been a victim of fraud?

You should contact us right away if you think you’ve been a victim of fraud. We can then guide you on what to do next.

Halifax will never ask you to:

  • Share your account details like user ID, password and memorable information.
  • Tell us your Personal Security Number (PSN) for Telephone Banking.
  • Tell us your PIN code or card expiry date.
  • Move money to a so-called secure, safe or holding account.
  • Move your money or ask you to transfer funds to a new sort code and account number.