Boost your summer safety

Use our handy tips to keep your home and belongings safe while you’re enjoying the sunshine and brighter evenings.

Fire and barbecue safety

Over the warmer months, we tend to see an increase in fire claims. To help you stay safe, here are some things you could do to avoid fire related incidents.

Check the weather forecast

Has it been hot and dry? If so, grass and other plants could catch fire easily. And remember, strong winds could cause a small fire to spread quickly.

Find the perfect spot

Stay away from fences, sheds, trees, and grass.


Make sure you’re prepared with a bucket of water

Having one nearby means you could put out the flames if things start to go wrong.


Never leave a fire unattended

Things could get out of hand quickly, so always have someone watching your barbecue or fire.

Don’t let children and pets get too close

Keep them away from the flames and cooking area, so they don’t get hurt.


Clean up responsibly

Did you know that barbecues, coals and ashes can stay hot for hours and could easily set bins, bags or grass on fire?

Be carbon monoxide aware

Fires and barbecues could produce fumes that last long after the flames have gone out. That’s why you should never bring them inside or into an enclosed space.


Going away? Protect your home from unwanted visitors

If you’re heading off on holiday or even just a day trip, follow these tips to help keep your home safe from unwelcome attention and avoidable incidents.

Invest in a burglar alarm and test it often

A good quality alarm could make unwanted visitors think twice about breaking in.

Hide your valuables

Don’t leave anything of value in sight of your windows as it could encourage a burglar to enter your home.

Check your shed and don’t keep ladders in the garden

Cluttered gardens and accessible tools could make it easier for someone to break into your home.

Have you double checked your doors and windows?

It’s important to make sure they’re shut and locked before you head off. Don’t forget to take your keys out of the locks too (and keep them out of easy reach of burglars).

Don’t advertise your empty home

It can be fun to post holiday snaps online while you’re away, but it’s best to wait until you’re back to share them.  

Keep your belongings safe while you’re on the go

You’ve taken steps to protect your home while you’re away, but what about your belongings? Be better prepared with our tips.

Do your research

Look up the area and learn about any common tourist scams. That way, you could lower your risk of falling for one.

Lock away your things

Thieves will often go for the easiest target, so using a padlock could be a great deterrent.

Make the most of the safe

Hotels will usually have a safe in the room for you to put your valuables in, including your passport and any important documents.

Divide your valuables

Split money and other items between your group. That way, if something does get stolen, you won’t have lost everything. Travelling alone? Keep your stuff in various places, such as multiple pockets as well as your bag.

Always keep an eye on your stuff

When you’re at the pool or beach, you might be tempted to leave your valuables behind if you fancy a quick dip in the water. But that could make it easy for someone to steal them. Either leave them in your room or don’t let them out of your sight.

Make copies of anything important

Whether it’s holiday snaps or important documents, back up anything you’d rather not lose.  

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