Types of mortgages

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There’s more than one way to buy a house. Which mortgage you pick can depend on the type of house you’re buying, your finances and where you want to live. 

From tracker to fixed rate, find out how the type of mortgage you pick can affect how much you pay each month. Looking to buy a property to rent out? You’ll need to know the ins and outs of a Buy to Let mortgage. Got a healthy amount of savings? An offset mortgage might be interesting to you.

Find out more about the different mortgage types on the market and how they work here. 

What is an interest only mortgage?

Pay off the mortgage interest, not the amount you borrowed, with an interest only mortgage.

Interest only

What is an offset mortgage?

Offset mortgages use your savings to reduce the interest you pay.

Offset mortgage explained

Getting a mortgage while you're self-employed

Find out how to apply for a mortgage if you’re self-employed here.

Self-employed mortgage

What is a fixed rate mortgage?

Whether you're staying put or thinking of moving home, keep your interest rate the same with a fixed rate mortgage. Find out more about fixed rates.

Fixed rate mortgage

What is a tracker mortgage?

Find out how the Bank of England’s Base Rate affects a tracker mortgage here.

Tracker mortgage explained

Buy to Let mortgage guide

Want to rent a property out? You’ll need to know how a Buy to Let mortgage works.

Buy to Let

What is a shared ownership mortgage?

Struggling to save up for a deposit? Shared ownership mortgages could be for you.

Shared ownership

Joint mortgages

To learn more about how they work click here.

Joint mortgages

You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments

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  • Get an idea how a change to the Bank of England Base Rate could affect your monthly payments
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