Find out how to manage your savings account and the different options you have.

Things you can do with your cash ISA

If you have a cash ISA, find out how to top it up, transfer it, provide your maturity instructions and more.

Renew your easy access savings account

If you have an easy access savings account, you can change it to one of our new savings accounts by completing a renewal form.

Provide your fixed term maturity instructions

If you have a fixed term savings account that is about to mature and you want to reinvest your money, let us know.

Close a savings account

Find out how you can tidy up and close any old accounts. Some can be closed online in minutes.

Set up a standing order

You can easily set up regular payments into your savings account so you don’t need to remember to save.

Rename your savings accounts

Renaming your accounts is a great way to separate your savings and get organised.

Find your interest rate

It's easy to check the interest rate for your savings account or cash ISA.

Turn your leftover change into savings

Save your pennies when you spend with Save the Change®. It’s a clever feature that takes your leftover change and turns it into bigger savings.

Halifax Savers Prize Draw 3 top prizes of £100,000

You’ve a chance of winning one of 3 top prizes of £100,000, if you register and hold £5,000 or more in a qualifying account during the whole previous calendar month.