5 hacks you should try this Christmas

Want to save time and money this Christmas? Check out these hacks.

Brussel sprouts

Christmas may be the most magical time of the year, but it’s also likely to leave you both short of cash and time.

These hacks can help you save both money and time as you prep for the festivities.

1. Take a picture of your fridge before you go Christmas food shopping

Supermarkets are only closed for 1 or 2 days over Christmas but there’s still the temptation to stock up on essentials and enough party food to feed the whole street – as well as your classic turkey, sprouts and Christmas pud.

Make sure you’re not throwing things in the trolley unnecessarily by taking a snap of your open fridge and cupboards before you set off to the supermarket. That way you won’t waste money on a third jar of cranberry sauce when you were actually organised enough to stock up in November. Or be left stood in the milk aisle wondering if you really do have enough to last until the 27th.

2. Make your own cards

Keep the kids entertained in the first week of the holidays and save yourself some cash at the same time by getting them to make your Christmas cards. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a finger-painted penguin or a footprint reindeer over a store-bought card?

Pinterest has some great ideas for homemade Christmas cards.

3. Make Christmas dinner in advance

Sick of running around on Christmas morning while everyone else is opening presents? Do most of the prep work in advance and pop it all in the freezer or fridge until the big day. Gravy and stuffing can be made weeks in advance and frozen, while even your sprouts can be partially cooked on Christmas Eve. Boil until almost ready and dunk in ice water to stop the cooking process, then simply reheat the next day. To make sure the big day runs like clockwork, make a timing plan for what to cook and when.

4. Use a price comparison app for your Christmas shopping

You’ve spotted the perfect gift for your other half, but you’re reluctant to buy it in case you can pick it up cheaper online. Don’t wait to buy another day, or stand their fumbling with your phone trying to check all the big retailers’ sites. Download a free price-comparison app like idealo and you’ll be able to simply scan the barcode and check if it’s cheaper online.

5. Wrap presents without tape

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – 10pm on Christmas Eve and you run out of sellotape with a pile of presents still to wrap. But never fear, there are several ways to make sure those gifts still get wrapped. Nail varnish is a good substitute, simply run across the edge of the paper and stick down. Alternatively, you can just pop the present in a pretty bag or fold it in tissue paper. If you’re a wrapping pro there are ways to strategically fold the paper so that it stays together on its own.