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Frequently asked questions

1) I have received a statement, but not tax certificate, why is this?

Tax Certificates cover a whole tax year and as such are published shortly after the tax year end usually in May.

2) How do I use my statement to fill out my tax return?

Unfortunately we do not provide tax advice. If you need advice, please contact an appropriate professional financial advisor. Information can also be supplied by your local Tax Office.

3) What is my book cost and how is it calculated?

The book cost is the total original cost including charges. If you have only made purchases on one stock the book cost will be the total of those purchases.

When stock is sold from that total, the percentage of the stock sold is taken from the total of the amount paid.

For example:

  • Bought 100 LLOY for £100
  • Book cost would be £100 for 100 shares
  • Bought another 100 LLOY for £200
  • The book cost would be £300 for 200 shares
  • Sell 100 shares (this is 50% of the number of shares)
  • The book cost would be £150 for 100 shares.

Please note, that book costs can be affected by corporate actions and transfers into your account.

4) Can I change my book cost?

We can change your book cost if you have made a transfer or certificate deposit. Your book cost can't be changed for sales or purchases. We can't accept requests by email. Changes can be completed on our Web Chat service.

5) What is the Stock Valuation?

The Stock Valuation gives you detailed information on your stock holdings in your account. The information is based on the close of business prices applicable to the statement period. The valuation includes all stock held in your account. Any stocks you sold before the statement period end date are not included. This does not include information regarding accrued interest on interest bearing stocks. This can be obtained by contacting us directly using the telephone number on the covering letter.

6) What is the Market Price?

The closing price of investments on the valuation date. For shares, the closing price is calculated and published by the London Stock Exchange or relevant exchange and is always shown in sterling. For Unit Trusts, the price quoted will be the last bid price issued by the Fund Manager that day. For Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs), the price will be the last single price issued by the Fund Manager on that day.

7) What is the settlement date?

This is the date as specified on your trade confirmation or in the Cash Movements Schedule. This relates to the date that the trade was settled, not the execution date.

8) What is the Portfolio Valuation?

This is a summary of the valuation of your account.

9) What is my Cash Movement Schedule?

The Cash Movement Schedule summarises the movements of money and stock as a result of a purchase or sale, cash payments in/out of your account and interest and fees paid. It includes trade information about payments for purchases, sales and also information on corporate actions and dividends received on your investments. For sales and purchases the information provided is based on the settlement date.

Debits (DR) - the amount shown is the amount you have paid including dealing charges and tax. Credits (CR) - the amount you receive after dealing and other charges have been deducted.

10) What is my non bargain related Cash Movement Schedule?

This is a summary of all other transfers of stock in and out of your account and includes corporate actions. If the transaction type is ‘miscellaneous transfer’, it will be one of the following which you should have received details of previously:

  • stock transferred into or out of your account
  • certificates that have been deposited into or withdrawn from your account
  • a corporate action
  • an error correction

11) What is my Cash Valuation?

This is the value of the cash held in your account.

12) What is my Overall Valuation?

This is the value of all the stock and cash held in your account.

13) How is the profit/loss figure calculated?

This is the overall profit or loss for all your shares as a % of the book cost.

14) How do I close my account?

Please contact us on 0347 22 55 25 to help with this process, please have with you your most recent statement and your PIN.

Please note, we can accept a written instruction for this as long as your account does not contain any stock/cash and the instruction is signed by you.

15) Why is the Market Price showing as £0.00 for a stock?

This could be because the stock has been delisted or is an untraded asset.

Understanding costs and charges

The new costs and charges statements will help you understand what charges you pay to either Halifax Share Dealing or to the Investment Manager(s) of funds and trusts you’ve chosen to invest in.

We’ve also created interactive guides to help you understand the new statements:

Questions and answers

I’m not happy with the investment manager(s) charges

If you’re not happy with the ongoing charges on your investment(s) and would like to move your money into something with lower charges, you can use our Funds Centre to filter over 2,000 funds.

Ready-made investments which may include lower cost funds.

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