Swap your existing credit card

You could switch your Halifax credit card to suit your changing needs.

Why do you want to swap?

Swapping your existing credit card could help you to:

  • Move from one card type to another, e.g. from a balance transfer to a purchase card.
  • Take advantage of new introductory interest rates.

A swap could be a good option if, for example, you used your existing credit card to transfer a balance which is now paid off, and you now need a card with lower interest rates for purchases.

Are you eligible?

  • You won’t be able to make a like for like swap, e.g. you can’t switch a Halifax Clarity credit card for another Halifax Clarity credit card.
  • It must be at least 60 days since you applied for your existing Halifax credit card.
  • Your application will be subject to a full credit and affordability check.

Important to know before you swap

Your existing balance

When your outstanding balances are moved over, the standard interest rates on your new credit card will apply. You'll lose your existing interest rates when you swap, including any introductory or promotional rates, so you might prefer to pay existing balances off first if you can.

Different rates/fees

Different interest rates, fees and charges might apply to the credit card you switch to, so make sure you read through the terms and conditions carefully.

Your minimum payment rate will be 2.5%.

Different rates/fees

If you have Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), that will not be transferred from your existing credit card to a new one. Your policy will be cancelled.

Using your new credit card

  • You won’t be able to use your new purchase interest rate until you receive your new credit card and PIN.
  • You can use your old card in the meantime, but the existing interest rates will apply.
  • If you make credit card payments by Direct Debit, or you have regular payments set up on your account for things like insurance premiums or TV subscriptions, you’ll need to update your payment details with the provider of each service.

Would a second credit card suit you better?

If you want to keep balances at their current interest rates, you might prefer to apply for a second credit card instead.
Applying for a second card

Think through your options

  • Will swapping credit cards suit my borrowing needs, or should I consider other alternatives?
  • Will I be able to make repayments, even if my circumstances change?

Other borrowing options

Still want to swap your credit card?

  1. Sign in.
  2. Select the Apply icon from the navigation bar.
  3. Choose Credit card and Swap an existing card.

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Types of Halifax credit card

Large purchase cards

A credit card could help you to make and manage larger purchases.

More on large purchase credit

Balance transfer cards

Make things easier to manage by moving your balances to a single card.

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Everyday spending cards

Manage your day-to-day expenses on things like travel, food and fuel.

More on everyday spending credit cards

Travel cards

Some credit cards offer benefits created especially for keen travellers.

More on travel credit cards

Frequently asked questions on switching credit cards

  • Your PIN will be delivered by post within five working days.

    Your new credit card will follow, arriving within seven working days.

    If your card doesn’t arrive within two days of the delivery of your PIN, message us online. If you don’t bank online, give us a call or visit us in branch.

  • Think about the main reason for switching from your existing credit card. The lowest and longest lasting interest rates are usually offered on one transaction type.

    Card purchases – perhaps you’re planning a large purchase and need to spread the cost over a few months, or you’re looking for a credit card to manage everyday spending.

    It’s useful to know that, unless a 0% p.a. promotional rate for purchases applies, to avoid paying interest on purchases you need to pay off your full statement balance every month.

    Balance transfers – you could consolidate credit card balances you hold elsewhere, making your outgoings easier to keep track of. Transfer fees might apply.

    At Halifax, you can transfer balances from most credit cards and store cards which display the Mastercard®, American Express®, or Visa® logos, but not from loan companies, bank accounts or other Halifax credit cards.

    More on balance transfers

    Money transfers
    – selected credit cards give you the option to transfer funds to your UK current account, helping with cash-only purchases and unexpected expenses. Transfer fees might apply.

    It’s useful to know that if you make a purchase using money transferred from your credit card to your current account, the purchase will not be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 – unlike some credit card purchases.

    More on money transfers

  • Applying to swap your credit card could affect your credit score in a few ways:

    • Any full application for credit will be recorded with the Credit Reference Agencies.
    • If your application is approved, the total amount of credit available to you might increase, which could limit new credit applications being approved, at least in the short term.

    The way you manage your borrowing is also important. For example, if you don’t make payments on time or you go over your credit limit, in addition to fees, charges and losing any promotional interest rates, you also risk damaging your credit score.

    Before you switch to a new credit card, consider if this is the right borrowing option for you, and if you’ll still be able to make repayments if your circumstances changed.

    More on credit scores

  • If you’ve got a balance on your existing credit card, it’ll move to your new credit card when you swap. It’s just important to remember you’ll lose your existing interest rates, including any introductory or promotional rates.

    Introductory interest rates on the card you swap to are limited to new transactions only.

    The standard interest rates on your new credit card will apply to any outstanding balances moved across, so make sure you understand any changes in the cost of borrowing.

    If the standard interest rate is higher than you’re paying already, or promotional interest rates apply to the balance on your existing credit card, you might prefer to:

    • Pay off the balance on your existing credit card before you swap.
    • Apply for a second credit card, keeping your balances separate. Remember though, you can’t transfer balances between Halifax credit cards.
    • Accept an increase in costs, but aim to repay your balance as soon as you can.

    It’s useful to know that payments you make are allocated to balances with the highest interest rates first, helping to keep your interest costs down. 

    To see the interest rates which apply to your existing credit card, check:

    • Your monthly statement – the transaction pages include a breakdown of the interest rates which apply to your balance, along with the expiry dates for any introductory or promotional rates.
    • Your account terms and conditions – these are sent to you by post after your application is approved, or if the terms of your account change. Make sure you’re looking at the latest version.
  • Yes, you could make changes to your existing credit card, so it better suits your needs:

    • Increase your credit limit for more flexibility. Requests are subject to status and security checks.
    • Check for promotional interest rates on your existing credit card. We might contact you by email or post when new rates are available, or you could sign in to Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app to check.
    • Add additional cardholders, so you can keep track of family spending in one place. Cardholders must be aged 18 or over, and you’ll be responsible for all spending and repayments.

A summary on swapping your credit card

Useful for switching between card types, or to take advantage of new interest rates.

  • Conditions apply, e.g. it must be at least 60 days since you applied for your existing credit card.
  • Note, you’ll lose any existing interest rates, including introductory or promotional rates.
  • Any credit application is subject to an assessment of your personal circumstances.
  • Alternatives include making changes to your existing card, or applying for a second credit card.

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