Managing your loan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

We’re with you during this crisis. If your income has been affected by coronavirus, we’re here to support you.

There's no need to cancel your direct debit. But if you have, you need to make sure you can start repayments again after the repayment holiday. You can do this by re-instating your direct debit

If it is still cancelled when we try to collect again, you may be charged additional interest, fall into arrears and your credit rating may be affected.

As well as contacting us to manage your loan, you can now manage your loan online. You can:

  • View your loan transactions
  • Make additional payment*
  • Get an early settlement quote
  • Pay off your loan early*
  • Apply for a repayment holiday. A repayment break will extend the life of your loan and result in higher interest and a longer term
  • View your annual statement.

*Only available if you have a Bank Account with Halifax.

  • OR you can pay from a current account, in the same way you pay a bill or a person. Please use these payment details:

Account number: 90000468

Sort code: 77-77-90

Reference number: this is your 12 digit loan account number - you can find this on your Internet Banking or any letters about your loan you've received from us .

Please note, manual payments will not take the place of your monthly payment. We will still take your Direct Debit as planned on your usual payment date.

Only available in branch or over the phone:


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Are you struggling with your finances?

If you’re feeling the pinch and struggling with money, don’t ignore the problem. Read our guide to managing debt, and get support from our Money Management Team.