Dream home checklist - 5 things it's worth including

When you’re dreaming of the perfect house, it can be easy to overlook the practical things that really make a difference to your home life, such as outside storage and high-speed broadband.

Is a snooker room really your number one priority when looking for a new house?

While it would be nice to have, you could probably survive without it unless you happen to be Ronnie O’Sullivan.

They may not be as glamorous as a snooker room or a walk-in wardrobe, but sometimes it’s the more practical things that help take a property to the next level. We look at the home comforts that are definitely worth including on your dream home checklist.

Lego house

Outside storage

Storage space is a valuable asset in any home, but many people forget about the outside. Where will you keep your lawnmower, BBQ, deck chairs, and bikes?

Garden sheds, storage chests, bike sheds and log stores are a handy addition to the back yard. They free up space in your garage and interior of your home, as well as help to protect your possessions from the unpredictable UK weather.

Off-road parking

A home that comes with a garage or off-street parking is a must-have for many buyers. Not only does it keep your car safer and reduce the cost of motor insurance, it also means you can avoid parking charges or the constant struggle of finding a space on the road if you live on a busy street.

Never underestimate the untold misery of returning home from a hard day at work to find nowhere to park. Parking hassles can soon spiral out of control and even lead to feuds with your neighbours.

High-speed broadband

Whether you use the web for business or pleasure, there’s nothing more likely to get your fists hammering on the desk in anger than sluggish internet.

For many people, access to a high-speed internet connection that can stream films and TV has become a modern home essential, while a reliable mobile phone service is another priority.

Good TV reception is also important – you wouldn’t want to miss an episode of Game of Thrones because the satellite link is down would you?

Downstairs toilet

The smallest room in the house is a big deal for many house buyers. A downstairs toilet is very handy for when you have guests round for barbecues and children’s parties etc. It means they don’t have to traipse all the way upstairs – and stops them from having a quick snoop around your bedroom!

A downstairs loo is also great if you’ve got a big family. If someone’s in the bathroom when you’re desperate for the loo, you don’t have to cross your legs and hang on until they come out.

Kitchen island

From Christmas get-togethers to drinks parties, the kitchen has become a real focal point for family life.

Having an ‘island’ kitchen can make great use of space. Some islands are standalone, while others are joined to form an L-shape.

Many have sinks and grills built in, and they can be used for storage or sitting at like a table, so they’re not only stylish to look at but very practical too.

A kitchen that hides away big appliances like fridges and dishwashers is also desirable.

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