Accidental Damage

Accidents happen. But with Home Insurance Select you can protect against those little household hiccups. You can only get Home Insurance Select directly with us. Get a quote online or over the phone. 10% cheaper when you get your quote and buy online. 

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What's accidental damage cover?

When there's a slip-up, it can be costly to put things right. This covers you for spills, knocks and other accidental damage to your home and the things in it. If you need to claim, we'll cover the cost to repair the damage or replace your things.

When we say ‘accidental damage’ we mean damage that’s sudden, unexpected and not done on purpose. It doesn’t mean damage that's due to normal wear and tear.

Accidental damage cover is included with our Silver and Gold cover.

Our policy documents tell you more about what is and isn't covered. Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 508KB).

Accidental damage cover for buildings.

This covers accidental damage to your home and its fixtures and fittings. It's for things like:

  • A football smashing your window.
  • A key snapping in a lock.
  • Putting your foot through the ceiling while in the loft.

It's not for things like your roof leaking because it hasn't been looked after properly, or damage caused by someone you've hired to do work in your home.

Accidental damage cover for contents.

This covers you against accidental damage to the things in your home. If you have Away from home cover too, you'll be covered for damage to your things away from home. It's for things like:

  • Spilling a drink on your carpet.
  • Knocking over and breaking a TV.
  • Dropping and breaking your mobile phone.

It's not for things like your computer breaking down because it's old, or damage caused by pets.

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