Bicycle insurance

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Cover for your bikes

Whether it's for the daily commute or weekend fun, cycling is hugely popular these days. Which makes bicycles so attractive to thieves. Thousands of bikes are stolen each year in the UK (over 271,000 reported bicycle thefts across England and Wales in the year ending March 2020 according to the Office of National Statistics). So it’s just common sense to protect yours.

How Halifax contents insurance can help

Some home contents insurers have pedal cycle cover as an optional extra. With Home Insurance Select, there's no separate cycle cover. We treat your bikes just like any other item you own. Any bike that costs less than £2,000 is covered as standard while at home as part of your overall contents limit. If you have bikes worth more than £2,000 each, you'll need to specify these on your policy. And be sure to add Away from home cover if you want your bike covered when you're out and about.

We offer three levels of contents cover:

  • Bronze cover with up to £50,000 for your contents
  • Silver cover with up to £100,000 for your contents
  • Gold cover with up to £250,000 for your contents

Whichever level of cover you choose, your items each worth £2,000 or less are covered up to the contents limit. Your high value items worth between £2,000 and £20,000 each, up to a total value of £50,000 are also included in the contents limit. This is as long as you name them on your policy.

Our policy documents tell you more about what is and isn't covered. Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 508KB).

What is bicycle insurance?

Bicycle insurance can protect you from the cost of a new bike if yours is stolen or damaged. But you may not need specific bicycle insurance. Our contents cover can protect your bike if it’s stolen or damaged while at home. Combine it with Away from Home cover to protect you from the cost of theft or damage to your bike when you’re out of the house.

If you insure your bikes using Home Insurance Select, you will be covered for:

  • Damage that happens at home from things such as floods and fire.
  • Theft if your bike is stolen from your home.

Add Away from home cover to protect your bicycle(s) if it is stolen or damaged outside your home.

There are some times that your bike may not be covered. You won’t be covered for:

  • Theft if your bike isn't locked to something fixed like a post or cycle rack when it's in a public place or communal area.
  • Damage that happens over time, like worn out tyres.
  • Theft by guests you invite into your home.

Do I need bicycle insurance?

If you love riding or rely on your bike, you’ll want to make sure you can replace it, if the worst happens. You may cycle to work every day, or maybe you’re riding long-distance at the weekend. However you use your bike, you’ll want to know that it is protected.

A bike is stolen around once every 2 minutes in England and Wales (according to the Office of National Statistics). It can offer peace of mind to know yours is protected.

Cover your precious two wheels with home insurance from Halifax. If your bike is stolen from your home, you’ll be able to claim for up to £2,000. You can claim for up to £20,000 if your bike is named on your policy.

Key benefits

  • You choose your level of cover based on how much your contents are worth.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your most prized bikes worth between £2,000 up to £20,000 each can be specified on your policy.
  • Cover for accidental damage is standard with our Silver and Gold cover.
  • With Away from home cover, you can protect your bikes when you're out and about.

What’s not covered

  • Theft of your bike from a public or communal place if it’s not locked to something fixed.
  • Theft by guests you invite in to your home.

Our policy documents tell you more about what is and isn't covered. Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 508KB).

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of cycle theft

  • Join a bike registration scheme. It lets you add your bike's details to an online database. You can also use a security kit to mark your bike with a unique ID.
  • Spend some time and money on finding the best bike locks. For more security use both a flexible lock, such as a cable or chain lock, and a shackle lock, sometimes called a ‘U’ or 'D' lock.
  • Remember to bring your bike in at night. It’s worth the effort of carrying it up a flight of stairs. If you must leave it outside, lock it to a permanently fixed structure through the lower frame and wheels.
  • If you leave your bike in a garage or garden shed make sure doors and windows are securely locked. Consider fitting an alarm or extending your home system to cover the outbuilding. If you use a garage it’s worth buying an anchor or rack that can be bolted to the wall or floor.
  • When you’re out and about try to park your bike in a place that’s well-lit and busy. Most bike thieves prefer to work unseen. Don’t forget when you lock your bike to a permanently fixed structure, lock your wheels and saddle too. Thieves are as keen on parts as they are on the whole bike.
  • Think about having a GPS tracker fitted. These can be installed in the frame of the bike, out of sight for all but the most careful thief.
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Bicycle insurance: FAQs

Can you insure a bicycle against theft?

Yes. You can insure your bike against theft from your home. Add 'Away from home cover' to insure your bike if it's stolen when you're out and about. If it's stolen from a public place or communal area, it will need to have been locked to a fixed structure like a post or cycle rack.

How much is bicycle insurance?

The cost to insure your bike depends on its value and whether you've named it on your policy as a high value item. It can also vary due to other factors including:

  • Where you live
  • Whether you want cover for your bike away from your home.

Is a bicycle covered by home insurance?

Contents insurance can cover your bike against theft or damage within your home. Check your policy to see if you need to add bike cover as an extra. Our contents insurance covers bikes in the home if they're worth less than £2,000. Bikes worth between £2,000 and £20,000 need to be named on the policy. To cover bikes when you're out and about you'll need Away from home cover.

Accidental damage to bikes is covered if you have our Silver or Gold cover.

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