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Give your personal tech the protection it deserves

Personal gadgets have become such a part of everyday life that we take them for granted. Until there’s a problem and we have to get by without them. Some insurers offer gadget insurance, which gives cover for just your gadgets. But personal gadgets can be covered under your home contents cover. Policies often include cover for the loss or theft of personal items as standard.

You could save money by checking what cover you have for your tech items in your home insurance contents policy. Then you’ll be able to work out what extra protection you need. For example, gadget travel insurance might seem like a good idea if you’re jetting away for a short break. But your tech might already be covered anywhere in the world as part of your contents insurance.

Our policy documents tell you more about what is and isn't covered. Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 508KB).

How Halifax contents insurance can help

Tech items like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras are all at risk of theft or damage.

With Home Insurance Select, your belongings that cost less than £2,000 each are covered while at home as part of your overall contents cover. If you have items worth more than £2,000 each, you'll need to specify these on your policy.

We offer three levels of contents cover:

  • Bronze cover with up to £50,000 for your contents.
  • Silver cover with up to £100,000 for your contents.
  • Gold cover with up to £250,000 for your contents.

Whichever level of cover you choose, your gadgets worth less than £2,000 each are covered in the home as standard up to the contents limit. And your valuable items worth between £2,000 and £20,000 each are covered in the home as long as you specify them on your policy, up to a total of £50,000. Accidental damage to your gadgets is covered if you have our Silver or Gold cover.

Key benefits

  • You choose your level of cover based on how much your contents are worth.
  • Have peace of mind from knowing that your gadgets are covered while in your home.
  • Cover for accidental damage is standard with our Silver and Gold cover.
  • With Away from Home cover, you can choose to protect your gadgets when they're not at home.

See our policy documents for more about what is and isn't covered.

What to do if your phone is stolen

  • Tell your network provider straight away so they can block it. If you don’t you might have to pay for any calls made.
  • Ask your network provider for your phone's identification number (IMEI).
  • As soon as you can you should report the theft – including your phone’s IMEI – to your local police station. You may be able to do this online.
  • Make a note of the crime reference number. You’ll need this if you want to claim on insurance.

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