Home improvements

Image of planning permisson plans and measurements

Planning Permission – do you need it?

If you're thinking about changing your home and extending, knowing if you need planning permission is a great place to start – our simple guide takes you through the basics. It might help get the ball rolling and you can turn a dream into reality. 

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Image of a builder building an extension on a home

Looking to extend your home?

Putting your own stamp on your home is a fantastic feeling – and some changes can even help increase the value (win-win). The trouble is knowing where to start – our guide takes you through some of the questions including how much it might cost, how long it might take and how to get started – good luck…

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Builder tiling a roof

5 ways to get the best out of your builder

If you are about to embark on a building project it's important that you choose the right builder. Here are some tips to get the best out of your builder.

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A woman painting a chair

6 things to consider before buying a renovation property

Taking on a property that needs a lot of work doing to it can be a shrewd investment – as long as you weigh up the pros and cons first.

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person carrying boxes

Moving vs improving

To help you choose between doing up and selling up we’ve taken a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of both options.

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Lady laying on sofa using a tablet

Prepare for virtual viewings

The good thing about virtual viewings is that, you only need to clean and prep your house once. 5 tips to make your home virtual reality ready. 

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Children playing with bubbles in the garden

How to green any outdoor space?

Whether big or small, front yard or back garden, or even a balcony, here’s everything you need to know to start adding a splash of green to your outside space…

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Mini inspirations

wellington boots in a hallway

Giving your home more kerb appeal

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home, want to spruce up your long term place, or are thinking of putting your house on the market and moving on, our 7 suggestions are the perfect way to bring style and kerb appeal.

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Young boy watering the garden

Make your outside space an asset

Whether you’ve got a garden, a balcony, or a window box, here’s how you can add serious appeal – and even value – to your outside space.

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Brown parcel sat on a door step

Post Lockdown de-clutter

Some of us got a bit spend-happy during lockdown, with online shopping reaching an all-time high. This is a light-hearted look at what we bought and how to de-clutter – and remember someone’s trash is someone’s treasure! 

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Handy home tips

piggy bank

Save the pennies, count the pounds

Who doesn’t want to save cash without having to make any drastic cutbacks? Try these easy hacks to help slash your spending without any hassle.

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cleaning a sink

A big clean could save you cash

Checking your home for potential problems while you’re dusting away the cobwebs could save you money in the long run. Here’s what to look out for.

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Green living tips

Want to make your home more sustainable? Read our articles on how to help you go green at home.

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