10 ways to give your home more pavement appeal

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10 ways to give your home more kerb appeal

You can’t take back a first impression. Whether you’re trying to sell, or just want to show off to the neighbours, here’s our top tips for refreshing your home and boosting its kerb appeal.

From distinguished doorways to luscious lawns, revitalising your home’s kerb side appearance works wonders.

It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. From small jobs to big, we’ve listed things you can do to get more kerb appeal, no matter your timeframe or budget.


Why is kerb appeal important when selling a home?

Think of it like dressing smart for a night out – it’s the first thing people will notice.

Essentially, kerb appeal is all about creating the best first impression you can. It suggests the property is cared for, which is an important prospect when drawing in potential buyers.

If a buyer can’t picture themselves in that home, even from that very first look, it can hamper their enthusiasm.

There’s no guarantee that a first impression like this can be undone either. In fact, 69% of potential buyers wouldn't even consider a second viewing if they got a bad first impression.

Kerb appeal ideas

1. Give it all a good power wash

A clean house is a well-presented house. So, start with blasting away any built-up grime on and around the outside of your home.

Use a power washer to clean brickwork or cladding, blast your driveway, paths, and tiles, wash dirty fencing and decks. You can even use it to clean the outside of your windows and save money on window cleaners.

A power washer can cost between £100-£500 pounds – or you can hire a company to perform the job for you. This can cost around £300 per day.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Blasting the grime away can leave the outside of your home looking like new.

2. Keep it green

If you’ve got any greenery at the front of your house, it makes a real difference if you keep it lush and looking smart. Be sure to water and mow the lawn, and keep plants pruned and looking pretty.

If you want to add some greenery to your front garden, fill large tubs with year-round plants, such as bamboo, topiary bushes, or bay trees. For flowers, roses are a classic and beautiful choice. Greenery is a creative way to turn heads and boost kerb appeal.

3. Paint your front door

A glossy, brightly coloured front door adds a sense of grandeur to any home. Letterbox red, royal blue, or racing green are classic colour choices.

You could also consider adding a beautiful brass door knocker (or polishing your existing one), and a matching door number can really sharpen things up.

If you have a garage door, paint it the same colour as your front door to tie the whole look together.

4. Buy a bin store

You can make your home look as pretty as a picture, but some practicalities can’t be avoided. Bins, for example. If there are no side passages to tuck them down, they can become a real eyesore at the front of your home.

Think about adding an attractive bin storage cabinet. Usually made of wood, you could choose a smart stained-wood option, paint it to match your front door, or go green to blend with your garden.

5. Embrace symmetry

Have you ever noticed how many stately homes are symmetrical in their design? While we’re not suggesting you move into one (although if you can afford it, why not?), you can recreate this look with symmetrical decorations and landscaping at the front of your house.

It could be something as simple as placing identical potted plants on both sides of your front door (topiary trees work superbly for this). If you have a wall light, pop one on the other side too.

If your front door is in the middle of your home, you could go a few steps further and have a garden path leading straight from it. Then, ensure the lawn and beds on either side are symmetrical.

6. Lighten up your doorway

Come nightfall, a darkened front door not only looks unwelcoming, but it can feel unsafe, too.

You could get a porch light installed (or two – see “Embrace symmetry” above). For a budget option, you could wrap some outdoor string lights around your door or porch frame. Give your home a warm and welcoming glow.

7. Create a path

Having a path leading to your front door makes it feel welcoming. From steppingstones to sleek block paving, it will also help add some definition to your front garden.

Even if you have a paved driveway, simply using a different coloured brick to create the look of a path to your door can make all the difference.

8. Guttering and roofing

Don’t stop at your garden if you’ve already begun to polish up on your property’s kerb appeal. Damage to your roofing, or an askew gutter, may not stand out, but buyers can often pick up on these things. Leaving it damaged would be like cleaning your lounge, only to leave the shelves dusty.

Add the finishing touches by restoring your gutter, removing any leaves, and ensuring there’s no chips or disconnecting pipework. Beyond the aesthetics, issues with the guttering or home can cause real problems for buyers and may turn them away.

9. Painting walls and fences

If you have any gates, fences or walls, it’s a good idea to give them a clean or even a new coat of paint. Painting fences is an easy way to remove signs of age and restore vitality to your home.

10. Add accessories

So, you’re still looking for things to do, but you’re at the limit of things you can clean, fix, and paint. Now comes the fun part – accessorising.

From welcome mats to garden furniture, or even doorbells and ornaments like birdfeeders or hanging lamps for lazy evenings – take the opportunity to get creative and bring your garden to life. Be careful not to add too many accessories – especially if you have a smaller space. You could risk making your garden appear cluttered or too busy.

This summer, why not give the front of your house a makeover with some of these ideas? Your home will soon have serious kerb appeal.

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