Five reasons to consider a garden room

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Need some extra space? Why not build yourself a cabin in the garden? Here are five good reasons you might like a garden room…

1. Give yourself a 'break out' space

We’ve all been hankering after a little more space this last year or so, and a garden room offers some tranquillity. It’s not the same as an extension or conservatory – so it can be a bit more private and away from the house. A place to retreat and relax in.

Or, it could be somewhere to work in peace, as more and more of us have had to embrace working from home. Perhaps you want a home gym with a view, or a separate games room for the kids. The wonderful thing about a garden room is that it can be anything you want it to be.

2. Enjoy your garden all year round

It’s been proven that getting outdoors and being in nature improves both our physical and mental wellbeing. Simply looking at nature scenes reduces blood pressure, lowers stress and anger levels, releases muscle tension and ultimately can help us live longer. A garden room can give you access to the healing aspects of your garden all year long. 1

Imagine cosy days looking out over your garden – no matter if it snows or rains. Make sure to include large windows that give you a good aspect, a prepare to enjoy your outdoor space from a whole new perspective.

1 Source: Takingcharge.csh

3. Add value to your home

A garden room can add value to your property – worth doing whether you’re thinking of selling or not. Plus it’s one of the simpler ways to make your property more desirable. The construction of a garden room is usually simpler than an extension, a loft conversion or knocking down interior walls. Meaning you’ve added more space with less hassle.

So how much value could it add? Well, that depends on the kind of room design you choose and the value of your property. However, it’s been estimated that you could increase the value by up to 5% and you could potentially make five times more than it would cost you build.2

2 Source: Garden Affairs

4. An alternative to an extension

It’s no IKEA build, but a garden room is easier to construct than a home extension. And, because they are not attached to your home, the build is less likely to interrupt your daily life. In fact, with the right team on board, a fairly straightforward garden room (without added complications, such as plumbing) could be up in about two week.3

Plus, you can build most kinds of garden rooms without needing planning permission. Of course, if you live in a conservation area or are intending to build higher than 2.5 metres you’ll need to check with your Local Authority.

3 Source:

5. A place for guests to stay

With your new garden room, you now have somewhere for your friends and family to stay. If you love hosting or a good old fashioned barbecue when the sun’s out, then a garden room could be the perfect finale. Alternatively, if you have teenagers who are craving space to themselves, your garden room could be a welcome retreat for them. Think of it as like having a spare bedroom – with more privacy.

There’s so much potential with a garden room. We could list far more than five reasons (painting studio, music shed, meditation and yoga room). If you’re thinking about your own garden room, get creative. It can have more than one use in its lifetime.

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